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  • Firecracker Fizz Recipe

    Firecracker Fizz Recipe
      Our Firecracker Fizz is a delicious way to celebrate Independence Day with a snap, crackle, and fizz. With hints of cherry pie, not too much sweetness, and a sparkler to add some fanfare, it’s the perfect ode to America. Or simply enjoy it on a hot summer day. This also makes a great bourbon cocktail that isn’t too heavy for warmer weather if...
  • Cocktail Making 101: The Stir

    Cocktail Making 101: The Stir
    How to Properly Stir a Cocktail You know how James Bond famously requested his martinis “shaken, not stirred”? Yeah, he was dead wrong. There is a reason why some cocktails are shaken, and others are stirred. Not only that, but there’s a science to HOW to do those things, too. We’ve already outlined the proper technique for shaking cocktails here. So today we’ll show...
  • Cocktail Making 101: The Shake

    Cocktail Making 101: The Shake
    How to properly shake a cocktail A great cocktail starts with a few key elements: a good recipe, quality ingredients, and proper technique. The recipe acts as your guide, the ingredients are the building blocks, but the technique is what turns those ingredients into a beautifully crafted (read: delicious!) cocktail. And the good news is that it’s not hard to master these techniques! Just...
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