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Bitters & Soda Recipes - 4 Versions To Try

Whether you're observing Dry January, cutting back on the booze overall, or just looking for an alternative to your regular cocktail hour, bitters & soda should definitely be a part of your rotation. This is a classic way to enjoy a drink that feels like a cocktail, without the alcohol - and for good reason. It's super simple, it's versatile, and the flavor combinations are nearly endless. 

The classic bitters & soda is simply soda water (aka seltzer, or club soda) and an aromatic bitters of your choice. And this tastes delicious. But there are so many more combinations to play with, especially with the plethora of flavored sparkling waters available now! Here are four of our favorite twists on a bitters & soda. We hope these give you the inspiration to start making your own combinations!


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