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Regarding Cocktails
Regarding Cocktails is the only book from the late Sasha Petraske, the legendary bartender who changed cocktail culture with his speakeasy-style bar Milk & Honey. Forewords by Dale DeGroff and Robert Simonson. Here are 85 cocktail recipes from his repertoire—the beloved...
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Beautiful Booze: Stylish Cocktails to Make at Home
Gorgeous cocktails that taste as good as they look Shaken, stirred, clarified, layered, floral, and more—these stunning recipes are made for every cocktail lover. Natalie Migliarini’s self-taught cocktail skills and James Stevenson’s industry know-how form the powerful partnership that is...
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Drinking For Two
Nutritious Mocktails for the Mom-To-Be Selected as a "Favorite Must-Read Pregnancy Book" by The Bump, this plant-based mocktail recipe book is perfect for pregnant women and the health-conscious new mom. Featuring 45+ delicious, plant-based recipes Everyday ingredients that deliver essential...
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Zen and Tonic
Green drinks gone boozy Green drinks gone boozy! Create your own delicious cocktails using ingredients you can find in your own backyard, windowsill, or local farmer’s market. Learn to make your own simple syrups and infusions with immune boosting fruits,...
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Cocktail Codex
There Are Only Six Cocktails. A guide to crafting impeccable classic cocktails and creating original drinks, Cocktail Codex aims to change the way we perceive the art and process of creating the world’s best cocktails. Launched in October of 2018, and written...
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The Mindful Glow Cookbook
Cheeky registered dietitian, food lover, and YouTube star Abbey Sharp is often described as "Nigella Lawson in a lab coat." In her debut cookbook she shares fun, satisfying, and unbelievably healthy recipes that will ignite your love affair with food....
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Boards and Spreads
Boards and Spreads -Shareable, Simple Arrangements for Every Meal by Yasmin Fahr Go beyond cheese with 65 recipes for delicious boards and epic spreads for dinner, appetizers, breakfast, snacks, and more. In Boards & Spreads, you won’t find cheese boards--instead,...
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That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life
That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life - Creative Gatherings and Self-Care with the Cheese By Numbers Method by Marissa Mullen, Illustrated by Sara Gilanchi A how-to guide for crafting beautiful and delicious cheese boards for entertaining and self-care, from...
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The Couple's Cookbook
The Couple's Cookbook - Recipes for Newlyweds by Cole Stipovich, Kiera Stipovich A beautiful primer for newlyweds starting their first home together, full of achievable, modern recipes for weeknight meals, weekend brunches, and everything in between. The Couple's Cookbook is...
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The Essential Cocktail Book
An indispensable atlas of the best cocktail recipes - each fully photographed - for classic and modern drinks, whether shaken, stirred, up, or on the rocks. How do you create the perfect daiquiri? In what type of glass should you...
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Margarita in Retrograde
Margarita in Retrograde -Cocktails for Every Sign - By Vanessa Li and Bowen Goh Unique and dangerously drinkable cocktail recipes for every astrological sign, so the stars can guide your imbibing as much as they do the rest of your...
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Dinner Just for Two
From the blogger behind Dessert for Two, a cookbook that inspires couples to get into the kitchen together Sharing a meal is something most couples love to do; meal-planning programs such as Blue Apron have made it easy and fun...
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Botany at the Bar
Botany at the Bar -The Art and Science of Making Bitters by Selena Ahmed, Ashley Duval, Rachel Meyer A guidebook to everything bitters--the history, science, and plants behind them--with 75 botanical recipes. Not only are bitters the backbone to every...
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The Joy of Mixology
The Joy of Mixology, Revised and Updated Edition -The Consummate Guide to the Bartender's Craft by Gary Regan A thoroughly updated edition of the 2003 classic that home and professional bartenders alike refer to as their cocktail bible. Gary Regan,...
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Session Cocktails
Session Cocktails - Low-Alcohol Drinks for Any Occasion by Drew Lazor A cocktail book introducing a new cannon of low-proof drinks that highlight fresh flavors and facilitate conviviality, featuring more than 60 inventive and delicious recipes. Bartenders are increasingly moving...
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Feast by Firelight
Feast by Firelight - Simple Recipes for Camping, Cabins, and the Great Outdoors [A Cookbook] by Emma Frisch A lushly photographed book evoking the pleasure of eating in the outdoors, with 70 easy-to-prepare recipes for gatherings at campground and cabins...
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Wine Food
Wine Food - New Adventures in Drinking and Cooking [A Recipe Book] by Dana Frank, Andrea Slonecker The wine lover's and food lover's playbook, with 75 wine styles and 250 producers to try with 75 recipes that go with them...
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Flask - 41 Portable Cocktails
A compilation of portable drinks, Flask comprises 41 classic and contemporary cocktail recipes that can be transported anywhere. From imbibing in the great outdoors to ringing in the New Year, the book offers recipes for all of life's greatest moments....
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Cocktails for Drinkers
Cocktails for Drinkers, by Jennifer McCartney - The anti-hipster drink book, perfect for hipsters and their haters. "McCartney sends up the craft cocktail movement with a healthy dose of sarcasm and a lot of booze" (Lifehacker) "Shake up your workweek...
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