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Jam Jar Vinaigrette

It happens to everyone: A small, unusable portion of that delicious artisan jam you purchased is sitting, lonely, at the bottom of the jar. It's not really even enough for a couple of slices of toast. What to do? You don't want to toss the jar, so it just sits in the fridge until it grows old and furry. Sigh.

Never let this happen again....use that jar, pour in a little oil and vinegar, maybe some dijon mustard, and when you shake it up, pure salad dressing magic will occur! Not only will you have shaken out all those last bits of jammy goodness from the sides and bottom of the jar, but you'll have a perfectly light and ever-so-slightly sweetened salad dressing to grace your greens. Use this recipe with any jam you fancy, and you'll never waste a spoonful again!


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