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10 Best Bread Recipes


1. Beer Bread

Beer bread is an easy, quick-to-make bread with subtle flavor and soft, buttery texture. It pairs great with salty spreads and even dips like spinach and artichoke. This recipe takes just six ingredients and you can use just about any beer you prefer! A lighter beer will create a more subtle flavor, an IPA or darker beer will give it a bolder taste. No kneading and bakes in 45 minutes! 

Source:  Julie Blanner

Source: Julie Blanner

2. No-knead Sourdough Bread

You will need a sourdough starter for this recipe and you’ll want to prep the night before. Once you’ve fed your starter, the next day process takes about 6.5 hours. Because it’s a more time-consuming bread, you’ll want to make sure you’re home for the day to complete each step in the process. Once it’s done, it’s a delightfully crusty, dense sourdough perfect for sandwiches or pairing with soup!

3. Garlic Herb & Cheese Pull-Apart Bread

We’re already drooling over this one. Pull-apart bread is great for serving at gatherings so that you don’t have to leave a knife laying out or risk your bread drying out. And with this one, your herbs and flavor are baked right in so you can skip the spread or dip. Two in one! This recipe calls for Philadelphia cream cheese, so if you’re vegan or dairy intolerant, you might need to make some substitutions with dairy-free cream cheese.

Source:  Chew Town

Source: Chew Town

4. Rosemary Sea Salt Flatbread

Crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, these flatbreads make great pizza crusts or open-faced sandwiches. Or, just dip in some pepper and olive oil. This is a seriously easy recipe that uses pre-made pizza dough as a shortcut. So if you’re short on time or want the taste of homemade pizza in half the time, this is the perfect bread for you!

5. Honey Oat Bread

Done from start to finish in 2 hours, this honey oat bread is perfect with a little honey butter or jam in the mornings. Toast it and pair it with tea or use it for sandwiches. It’s mild taste and soft texture really does make it the most versatile bread.

Source:  Let’s Dish

Source: Let’s Dish

6. Orange Bread

Orange bread is perfect for brunch. Think mimosas, sunshine on the patio and a sweet glazed slice of orange loaf. You can taste it, can’t you? This bread also holds up great in the freezer, so you can eat some now and still have some later. It’s such a good treat in the summer without being icky sweet or indulgent.

Source:  Shugary Sweets

Source: Shugary Sweets

7. Lemon Blueberry Bread

Another ridiculously easy recipe, this bread takes only 20 minutes to prep! But make sure to give it time to cool if you plan to glaze it before serving. This is another great breakfast or dessert bread. You can also make it as muffins and give them as gifts. You can even convince your kids they’re cupcakes!

8. Award-Winning Banana Bread

Who doesn’t love banana bread? It’s a great way to make use of over-ripe bananas and the natural sweetness combined with the soft texture is unbeatable. Mix in chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruit, or top it after it’s baked!

9. Leopard Milk Bread

If you’re thinking what is leopard bread? Don’t be alarmed. It’s simply orange bread and chocolate mixed together. This recipe requires time for proofing, so it’s not a super fast recipe, but it’s very straightforward and so fun to make with kids or friends.

Source:  Two Cups Flour

Source: Two Cups Flour

10. Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Last, but not least, cinnamon swirl bread is a classic that your oven is dying to bake. You can use any white bread recipe or follow this one, then roll out, cover in cinnamon and sugar, roll up, and bake. Whalla! You have a slightly healthier cinnamon roll you can eat off of all week long. This recipe makes two loaves so you can keep one for yourself and give one to a neighbor or freeze one to eat later.

Source:  A Ranch Mom

Source: A Ranch Mom 


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