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Activities to Keep Your Family Entertained During Quarantine

Activities to keep you family entertained during quarantine

This quarantine is just one short moment in time. Yes, it is overwhelming and things feel uncertain. And yes, it is tragic. That goes without saying at this point. But, this too shall pass. 

And especially for those of us who are fortunate enough not to be grieving the loss of a loved one right now, it’s more of a challenge in creativity and resourcefulness than a crisis. We have an opportunity to come together, create memories and choose how we spend our time. 

In a few months, the quarantine will be over. Quality time with family will be harder to come by. The ability to work from home while making a meal won’t be possible. Taking a break for a walk outside any time of the day won’t be likely. Sometimes a disorienting experience like this is actually an invitation to reorient our lives. 

What will you prioritize? What limits will you embrace? How will you negotiate multi-tasking and creating margin? 

There are new possibilities—new opportunities—everywhere you turn these days. And it’s temporary. So take advantage of this moment. 

We have the choice to be overwhelmed and stressed by our crowded, messy homes… the noise, chaos and untamed energy. But we also have the choice to do less instead of more. To set aside the laundry and spend time with our loved ones that we normally wouldn’t have. Go outside if the weather is nice instead of staring out the window. Involve your kids in making your meals. Teach them life lessons and skills if arithmetic and spelling lessons aren’t your thing.

Dare we say, enjoy this time?

As much as we possibly can, let’s fight for joy and wholehearted living. Perhaps that is how we honor those who are suffering the most and fighting for our health and safety. We don’t have to be dismissive or ungrateful to cling to joy. And we don’t have to be depressed or anxious to show sensitivity for what is going on around us.

So we’ve put together a few activities to do at home. Let’s not just get through, let’s make meaning and memories during this time.


Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

On a walk, bicycle ride or in the car, cruise around and identify the following. You can do this as bingo or name the first one to find the most items after 30 minutes the winner! You just can’t use your own house. For older kids or adults, try it in the dark.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hung Bingo
  • A house with a black railing

  • A blue car

  • A plant in a window

  • A recycling bin

  • Someone out for a walk

  • A dog

  • A camper or boat in a driveway

  • An electricity box

  • A license plate that spells a word

  • A house with a “9” in the number

  • A bird

  • A fire hydrant

  • A house with no cars in the driveway

  • A porch with 2 chairs

  • A bicycle

  • A license plate that starts with “A”

  • An open garage door

  • An outside light turned on

  • A basketball net

  • A “For sale” or “Sold” sign

  • A black garage door

  • A wreath on a front door

  • Christmas lights

  • A “Welcome” sign

  • A house with 3 cars in the driveway

  • A treehouse

  • A birdhouse

  • A wind-chime

  • A house without any shutters


Conversation Cards.jpg

Conversation Cards

Print and cut out these conversation starters or make your own. They’re a great way to get to know the people you’re in quarantine with or learn something new about someone you already know well!

Download Family Pack of Conversation Cards


Color or Simple Crafts 

Download these botanical coloring pages from Between the Evergreens or do your own simple art projects at home.

Paint scrape 2.jpg


Take an old credit card or membership card and some nontoxic tempera or acrylic paint. Squirt the paint in random blobs or lines on your art surface (wood, glass, canvas, paper, cardboard). Use the card to drag the paint across the surface in various patterns.




Silly Putty.jpg


Cooking Carnival No-Knead Bread.jpg

Cook or Bake

Making bread is a great way to pass the time and a simple baking recipe to involve kids in. Chances are, you may have easier access to yeast and flour than sliced bread right now and this activity doubles as providing a pantry staple you can use in several recipes.

Try this no-knead bread recipe in a dutch oven and Instant Pot from Cooking Carnival

The smell that fills your house is heavenly and you can slice or put out on a serving board like this one under a damp cloth or cake cover and you can pull off pieces as you graze throughout the day.


How are you spending your time and what would you like to be doing? Let us know in the comments below.


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