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Great Summer Tablescape


A beautiful table is still possible while observing social distancing guidelines. At a time when we’re all dying to gather together more than ever, it’s fun to put thought and effort into creating a tablescape that is inviting and as fun to look at as it is to bite into. 

For this summer spread, we designed around a fresh citrus theme. When you look at this yellow-infused design, you almost immediately begin imagining the smell of lemonade. And that’s what we wanted to bring to this design, that easy, quick summer meal where the flavors are crisp and refreshing.


A great way to decorate your table is to use a disposable table runner. It stays put in the wind and you don’t have to worry about drips and stains ruining an heirloom tablecloth from your grandmother and putting a damper on the party. Fresh fruit in bowls, vases or spread along the table is a great way to bring in some color and interest - and bonus - they’re way cheaper than flowers and hold up better in the heat!


For this set-up, we created a serving table where guests could graze on charcuterie, pour their own drinks or wine, serve up their snacks and desserts and then take their plate to smaller tables and chairs so that household groups and couples can safely distance, while socializing with all the party guests.

If you want to bring fresh (or artificial) flowers into your tablescape, a bud vase is a great way to create arrangements without any floral tape or professional skills. Simply cut the stems at an angle under running water, then place each bud into the vase, alternating smaller blooms with larger ones. It’s a no fail way to add color and a bit of fragrance to the table. You don’t need many flowers and can even scavenge wildflowers from your own yard or garden.


The most important part of any beautiful tablescape is creating an arrangement that flows practically so that people can see everything that’s available and serve themselves. We created a spread that feels effortless and casual by practical groupings, rather than right angles and parallel lines or individual place-settings. The entire table is brought together by a subtle theme of lemons, making it feel fresh and energetic for a gathering of friends on a summer afternoon.



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