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How to Throw a Goddess Party

Source:  Brit + Co

Source: Brit + Co

Grab your ladies, your gal pals, your sisters from another mister, and enjoy an epic party to celebrate your femininity!

What is a goddess party?

A goddess party is a gathering of women coming together to support one another and share the female experience. Guests can offer encouragement, wisdom, and a listening presence to one another as each woman shares a current challenge she is facing.

Women TalkingThe gathering usually takes place at someone’s home, preferably outside, or anywhere guests can feel truly welcome and at ease. Forming a circle allows for easy conversation, but also symbolizes the closed loop of confidentiality held by the women. What is shared does not leave the group. It also represents the circle of life and the creative energy that females possess.

While some experience goddess parties as deeply spiritual and, perhaps new-age, the idea behind them is simply to unite women by their common experience and give them an opportunity to celebrate their womanhood. Too often the biological rites associated with females, as well as the societal norms come with a great deal of pain, sacrifice, responsibility, and burden. There can be a negative association with the weight of being a woman. Goddess parties rival this notion with a sincere celebration of all the blessings of femininity.

When to throw a goddess party

Any time is appropriate for gathering friends together to support one another and enjoy each other’s company. Some other occasions where a goddess party may be appropriate are other significant milestones in a woman’s life.


Instead of treating the weeks leading up to nuptials as a “last hurrah,” many brides opt for more low-key, intimate celebrations of their romance and commitment. If you know a bride who would rather look forward to the life she’s building with her partner than throw a bon voyage party for her singleness, a goddess party could be a great option. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the bride’s feminity and sexuality in a natural, non-kitschy way. Rather than putting her on the spot, where she is the center of (somewhat awkward) attention, a goddess party is a good way to honor her and create space to focus on the commitment she is making and her journey to love and family.

Source:  Moll Anderson

Source: Moll Anderson


When a woman is expecting a child, whether through birth, surrogacy, fostering, or adoption, a baby shower is a natural time to celebrate both baby and mother. This is an exceptional time to recognize not only what women’s bodies do to conceive and sustain life, but also what our hearts and souls go through when we bring a child into our home. Often, after having a first child and receiving gifts, women aren’t thrown showers for the subsequent children they bring into the home. A goddess party is such a good way to honor these mothers and the labor of love that each child requires of them. If you know someone who is on a fertility journey, this is also a great way to honor their courage, provide support, and celebrate their divinely gifted maternal nature before they ever become pregnant.

Too often, women don’t share their mothering experiences because they’re afraid to hurt someone else. These bottled up emotions can do so much harm to your own mental health, and even damage friendships. Goddess parties are a beautiful way to bring diverse and shared experiences of motherhood into the conversation: infertility, miscarriage, physical changes, moods and hormones, children’s behaviors, spousal relationships, changes in libido and sex… the joys and the disappointments, grief and blessing that mothering brings.


In the same way that a major milestone like marriage or becoming a mother calls for marking the occasion, so does uncoupling. At a time when many women find themselves unmoored, a goddess party is a great way to ground oneself, focus inward, and become reacquainted with oneself.


If someone you know is going through recovery from illness, substance abuse, or trauma, throw them a goddess party! When you’re climbing your biggest mountain, there is no better time than to be reminded of your inner power and invigorated by your femininity. Survival is often skipped over in favor of celebrating “thriving,” but survival takes far more energy, guts, and willpower. It’s often done in silence or even secret, in the small, day-to-day moments. Why not celebrate these amazing accomplishments with your closest girlfriends. It could be good for cultivating gratitude in everyone that attends!

Source:  Moll Anderson

Source: Moll Anderson


When your life has been devoted to caring for children for decades, the sudden shift to becoming a household of one or two can be a hard adjustment. Coupled with aging and menopause, a woman in her 40s or 50s could use a little feminine energy around her. So get ready to create a gathering of sisters and get your goddess on!

Inviting your goddesses

Give your goddesses at least 3 weeks notice (4 is better) and 1-2 weeks to RSVP. You can certainly send an email or e-vite, but a hand-written invitation is even better. Invite your closest gals, but try to limit the guest list to 10 or fewer people to preserve that sense of intimacy and community. If you do send a physical invitation, make it easy for you invitees to RSVP by sending you an email or text. Once your RSVPs are in, it’s time to start planning the menu!

Setting up for your goddess party


Any party offers food and drinks. What sets a goddess party apart is the thoughtfulness and detail behind embracing your whole self. So go for whole, healthy foods, but also some decadence. It’s a good time to treat your guests and remind yourselves how precious you are.

Punch or tea, light finger foods, and fresh salads, and small treats like fruit pie, macarons or cupcakes are excellent foods that can easily be eaten at a table, outside, or even circled up on the floor.


Setting the mood is as easy as scents, lights, action! Dim the lights if possible, or set a table outside and use fairy lights to create a low glow. Light candles, incense, or diffuse oils to give a pleasant and soothing smell to the environment. The rest is up to your personal taste and what says comfort and feminity to you. Sitting low to the earth on textured rugs, pillows and blankets can give a cozy feeling. Many people use shades of blush and pink for decor, but other pastels or natural textures may be more your taste and are just as chic!


Typically, the focus is on knowing, loving, and accepting yourself fully on all levels. This can take the form of several self-care and wellness practices. Some activities to try are practicing yoga, meditating, reading poetry, making floral arrangements or flower crowns, creating vision boards, singing or dancing together, or learning how to make an herbal elixir together.


A good way to close out the gathering is by letting go of anything negative and embracing the positive. You can write down the things you want to release, read them aloud to one another, and crumple them up to throw them away or burn them. Then, write down the things you want to express gratitude for and call into your life. As the hostess, journaling this gratitude list and sending it out to the guests post-party is a great way to follow up to thank them for attending and remind everyone to keep each other in your thoughts and prayers.

Source:  Brit + Co

Source: Brit + Co

Source:  Brit + Co

Source: Brit + Co

Source:  Brit + Co

Source: Brit + Co

Source:  Domino

Source: Domino

Source:  Brit + Co

Source: Brit + Co

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