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Why We Support BeLoved Atlanta

Since before we even signed a lease, or designed our shop, or even had a name, I have had a mission for Adelina. We are not just here to run a business and make money. Of course, we want to do that too! And we love curating beautiful products and inspiring our customers every day. But even those purposes don't complete my vision for this place. 

For me, a neighborhood shop should actually be a neighbor. And neighbors support one another, look out for one another, and are there when another neighbor is in need. Neighbors give, and they also get in return. They are interconnected and are affected by those around them. 

There's a neighbor in our Westside community that has spoken to my heart for several years. I had a friend who was doing good work to fundraise for BeLoved Atlanta, and I helped her out with some graphic design work for that project. As I researched more about BeLoved's work, I felt a pull. That neighborly sense that this was an organization I wanted to devote resources toward. Their work is so important, and I wanted to offer a small something to help them in what they do every day.

There was a time in my life when I did not feel valuable. If I'm honest, I think I still struggle with this at times. The ways in which this feeling of being "less than" or unworthy influenced my choices and the trajectory of my young adult life have stuck with me. I feel blessed that I'm not there now, that God pulled me towards Himself and towards others who would instill in me a new sense of purpose and worth. So many other people need this pull as well. 

Sarah Noble, owner of Adelina Social Goods in Westside Atlantaphoto by The Sintoses

To me, at its core, this is the work that BeLoved is doing for the women who enter their doors. They are investing in women who have experienced sex trafficking and reminding them of their value in this world. (By the way, did you know that sex trafficking in Atlanta is larger than Seattle, D.C. and Denver combined?) They're showing these women their immense worth, in the eyes of God and the community around them. And this relates deeply to our core value of Hospitality at Adelina - when you welcome someone into your space and you make a fuss, and you make them feel special, you're saying to that person "you are valuable to me - you are worth it". 

So this is why I feel so pulled to support BeLoved in whatever small ways that I can through our business here at Adelina. We support them through donating portions of our sales at our busiest times of the year, and through special efforts such as personalized gift baskets for their residents, or offering opportunities for our customers to purchase items at discounted prices to donate. We want to to even more, and I know that as we grow we'll be able to increase our impact on BeLoved and the women they serve.

BeLoved Atlanta supports women on their path to freedom from sex trafficking in Atlanta.

Thank you for being part of this work by shopping small, shopping local, and shopping often! When you buy from us, you are showing that we are valuable to this community as well. We can't wait to see you and pour a bit of happy into you soon!

All my best,
Sarah Noble
owner, Adelina Social Goods


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