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  • Aromatic Citrus Mimosa

    Aromatic Citrus Mimosa

    An herbaceous and balanced twist on a classic mimosa, this brunchtime favorite will elevate your late-morning sipping beyond the boring. Camp Craft Cocktail's Aromatic Citrus cocktail infusion includes rosemary, thyme, and bitters to balance the sweetness of citrus from dried oranges. Infuse with gin or vodka, mix it up with some fresh OJ and top it off with Prosecco - then wonder why we...
  • Pecan Pie Martini

    Pecan Pie Martini

    When you can't choose between cocktails and dessert....have both in one. We often prefer our cocktails on the stronger side over sweet, but this lovely drink beautifully celebrates both - without giving us a toothache. It makes a deliciously indulgent holiday cocktail too!
  • Apple Pie Martini

    Apple Pie Martini

    Savor all that Fall goodness with a beautiful and balanced take on an Apple Pie Martini. No sickly-sweet, syrupy concoctions here - this is a crisp, light and refreshing ode to Autumn that perfectly captures that apple essence and whips it up in a flurry of warm spice. If you do want a little bit of holiday-style indulgence, you can rim your glass with...
  • Lemon Drop Camp Craft Cocktail

    Lemon Drop Camp Craft Cocktail

    These cocktail infusion kits in a jar are one of our top sellers for a reason - they make the best gifts, and the cocktails. Are. Delicous! Learn what to do with your Lemon Drop infusion kit and get infusing today.
  • Key Lime Pride Parade Float

    Key Lime Pride Parade Float

    Is it just us, or do you miss the days of ice cream floats, sticky fingers and firefly catching in the yard? Summertime is just more fun with something sweet and cold to drink! And when June comes around, we get to longing for the nostalgia of simpler times. We also get to thinking about Pride Month, and this Key Lime Float recipe is just...
  • Key Lime Pietini

    Key Lime Pietini

    We often prefer cocktails for dessert as opposed to cocktails that taste like dessert, but if someone handed us this Key Lime Pietini right now.....well, it wouldn't last long, let's just say that. This glorious take on a sweet martini is beautifully balanced with creaminess, tangy key lime, and that yummy crunchy graham cracker rim. And it's glittery to boot! We'll toast to this...
  • French 23

    French 23

    This lovely pear and rosemary twist on a French 75 has become a celebratory favorite at Adelina Social Goods! We love serving this for brunches, bridal showers, and toasts of any kind. It's also incredibly versatile - switch out the whiskey for gin or vodka for a completely different but equally delicious result. Cheers to you!
  • Strawberry Basil Frosé

    Strawberry Basil Frosé

    Chill out this summer with our Strawberry Basil Frosé! 🍓❄️ This refreshing frozen cocktail combines the luscious sweetness of ripe strawberries with the aromatic twist of fresh basil. Blend it all together with a splash of rosé wine, and you've got a frosty treat that will keep you cool all season long. Savor the perfect balance of fruity and herbaceous flavors in every icy...
  • Tom Collins with Elderflower and Hops

    Tom Collins with Elderflower and Hops

    Easy, refreshing and delicious. If you don't have energy on a hot summer day for anything else, just measure out three ingredients (or eyeball them, we won't judge!) in a glass and give them a quick stir to enjoy this classic cocktail with an elderflower twist. 
  • Vanilla Ginger Martini

    Vanilla Ginger Martini

    Warmth and comfort abound in this beautiful martini. Ginger and vanilla cozy up together so beautifully, and a hint of orange liqueur and fresh lemon for balance make a smooth sip you'll want to drink all Fall and Winter long. This also makes an amazing holiday or New Years Eve cocktail! Sip by the fire for extra comfy points. 
  • Cranberry Spice Punch

    Cranberry Spice Punch

    Holiday time calls for big-batch cocktail making, and this recipe is super easy to scale. Just mix it up in a punch bowl, and in no time you have a holiday-perfect blend of tart cranberry and warm spices! The ease of choosing your favorite spirits makes it even more versatile. Happy Holiday Hosting!
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