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  • Peach Bourbon Smash

    Peach Bourbon Smash

    If you ask us our go-to Summer cocktail recipe when we're going to be outside and we need refreshment, this would be it. Peaches, because Georgia, and bourbon - they're really just made for each other. If you're not a bourbon lover, please do yourself a favor and try this cocktail anyway. The flavors meld seamlessly and make a smooth, refreshing drink that you...
  • Blueberry Barkarita

    Blueberry Barkarita

    Yes, this is a margarita for dogs! Don't worry, no alcohol included - this is a healthy mocktail for dogs to make sure your best friend is included in all your Happy Hours (or should we say, Yappy Hours?)! To bring you together even more, pour yourself a Blueberry Lavenderita and enjoy the flavors of healthy, ripe blueberries along with your pup. Blueberries have...
  • Blueberry Lavenderita

    Blueberry Lavenderita

    Refreshingly unique but with all the thirst quenching deliciousness of your favorite marg, this twist on a classic just begs for outdoor sipping! A hint of lavender elevates the flavors of juicy, ripe blueberries. And make sure you rim the glass with beautiful lavender salt for the perfect flavor boost with every sip! Bonus: we have a coordinating mocktail for your pooch if you...
  • Flo'Rita Camp Craft Cocktail

    Flo'Rita Camp Craft Cocktail

    Camp Craft Cocktails are one of our best-selling items for a reason. They make the best, most unique and unexpected gifts - and the cocktails. Are. Delicious! Learn how to use your Flo'Rita infusion kit today, and get infusing!
  • Lemon Drop Camp Craft Cocktail

    Lemon Drop Camp Craft Cocktail

    These cocktail infusion kits in a jar are one of our top sellers for a reason - they make the best gifts, and the cocktails. Are. Delicous! Learn what to do with your Lemon Drop infusion kit and get infusing today.
  • Georgia Firing Squad

    Georgia Firing Squad

    If you want to beat the heat in a Georgia Summer, this is the recipe to try. Fresh peach flavor abounds with Crescent Simples Peach Hibiscus Simple Syrup at the forefront of this cool tequila cocktail. Add a splash of lime and a few dashes of bitters, and you have one of our all-time favorite Summertime drinks at your fingertips!
  • Strawberry Tom Collins

    Strawberry Tom Collins

    The perfect refreshment for a sunny afternoon, this iced beverage combines the sweetness of fresh strawberry with the tang of lemon-lime for a gin drink that'll quench your thirst.
  • Prosciutto Wrapped Brie

    Prosciutto Wrapped Brie

    Delightfully French and gooey brie wrapped in grilled prosciutto make this the perfect appetizer for Summer cookouts, football tailgating or just sippin’ and chillin’ on the back porch on a cool fall evening. Your next get together calls for Prosciutto Wrapped Brie.
  • Jam Jar Vinaigrette

    Jam Jar Vinaigrette

    It happens to everyone: A small, unusable portion of that delicious artisan jam you purchased is sitting, lonely, at the bottom of the jar. It's not really even enough for a couple of slices of toast. What to do? You don't want to toss the jar, so it just sits in the fridge until it grows old and furry. Sigh.Never let this happen again....use...
  • Peach Habañero Margarita

    Peach Habañero Margarita

    Summer’s here and it’s time to make margaritas. But not just any margarita. A refreshingly tangy Peach Habanero Margarita zestfully prepared with RFK Peach Habanero Artisan Fruit Spread. Let’s get this party started.
  • Triple Berry Almond Tart

    Triple Berry Almond Tart

    Celebrate Summer with the fresh flavor of juicy berries, baked into a rustic tart. Regina's Farm Kitchen Triple Berry Jam makes this tart exquisitely easy to prepare, and the flavor of her local fruit spreads is by far superior to any other we've tasted. Serve this tart as a perfect Fourth of July dessert recipe, or on any starlit summer evening amongst the fireflies!
  • Blueberry Mint Sparkling Sangria

    Blueberry Mint Sparkling Sangria

    Red wine sangria is a classic and is always delicious, but for an even more refreshing summertime drink we love this white wine sparkling sangria featuring the flavors of blueberry and mint! It's light, fizzy, a little bit fruity, with that "aaaaaahhhhh" factor that only fresh mint can provide. If you're a sangria lover and are looking for something a little bit different to...
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