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  • Bellini


    We know the classic recipe for a Bellini calls for peach schnapps, but the fake tasting flavor of that infamous liqueur is a little too high school party vibes for us. Ask Crescent Simples co-founder Megan about the time EVERYONE drank too much of it on New Year's Eve after swiping it from a parent's party and you'll be regaled with quite the tale...
  • Peach Bourbon Smash

    Peach Bourbon Smash

    If you ask us our go-to Summer cocktail recipe when we're going to be outside and we need refreshment, this would be it. Peaches, because Georgia, and bourbon - they're really just made for each other. If you're not a bourbon lover, please do yourself a favor and try this cocktail anyway. The flavors meld seamlessly and make a smooth, refreshing drink that you...
  • Georgia Firing Squad

    Georgia Firing Squad

    If you want to beat the heat in a Georgia Summer, this is the recipe to try. Fresh peach flavor abounds with Crescent Simples Peach Hibiscus Simple Syrup at the forefront of this cool tequila cocktail. Add a splash of lime and a few dashes of bitters, and you have one of our all-time favorite Summertime drinks at your fingertips!
  • Georgia Fashioned

    Georgia Fashioned

    A peachy play on a classic Old Fashioned, this cocktail is perfect for Fall porch sipping. From the bartender behind Crescent Simples: "When I first started bartending, we made our Old Fashioneds by placing 2 orange slices, 2 brandied cherries, a few dashes of bitters and a sugar cube into the bottom of a Rocks glass and muddling them together until the sugar cube...
  • Junglehawk


    The last breaths of summer require an appropriately celebratory, tropical, super-fruity cocktail. This take on the Junglebird, a sweet-tart Tiki classic, checks all those boxes. Don't forget a suitably over-the-top garnish, like a dried pineapple ring or some pineapple fronds. Hold on to summer while you can!
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