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  • The Declaration

    The Declaration

    If anyone knows what to make for St. Patrick's Day, it's the folks at Drink - a craft cocktail bar in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston. In their words, they are "a bar that throws a cocktail party every night" - and we can get behind that.When creating this cocktail, mixologist Ezra Star tells, "I built the flavors of the cocktail around...
  • Cucumber Ginger Sparkler

    Cucumber Ginger Sparkler

    The Cucumber Ginger Sparkler delivers a dose of freshness directly to your tastebuds. This punchy and refreshing mocktail is perfect for midday sipping and as an afternoon pick-me-up.
  • Bitters & Soda Recipes - 4 Versions To Try

    Bitters & Soda Recipes - 4 Versions To Try

    Whether you're observing Dry January, cutting back on the booze overall, or just looking for an alternative to your regular cocktail hour, bitters & soda should definitely be a part of your rotation. This is a classic way to enjoy a drink that feels like a cocktail, without the alcohol - and for good reason. It's super simple, it's versatile, and the flavor combinations...
  • Virgin Mimosa

    Virgin Mimosa

    A beautiful way to enjoy special-occasion sips without the consequences, this mimosa mocktail is a great choice for baby showers, or any celebration! Bitters are the key to balanced flavor here. They add the sophistication needed to make this a grown-up beverage rather than simply sparkling juice. Choose different flavors to customize the recipe and make your very own signature mocktail.
  • Champagne All Day

    Champagne All Day

    Festive flavors come together perfectly in this delicious take on a classic champagne cocktail! Cherry almond syrup is an unexpected addition, adding just the right amount of sweetness to compliment a dry bubbly. Make sure you do choose something dry to avoid sugar overload, and use your aromatic bitters to balance everything out. We also recommend expressing your orange peel over the top of...
  • Corpse Reviver

    Corpse Reviver

    Not actually as spooky as it sounds, the Corpse Reviver is a classic cocktail dating as far back as 1871, and we firmly believe in this long-held cure for a few too many. The original version of the Corpse Reviver #2 was included in Harry Craddock’s famous Savoy Cocktail Book published in 1930. He wrote, “To be taken before 11 a.m., or whenever steam and...
  • Bourbon Spice

    Bourbon Spice

    A simple and beautiful recipe to sip on all Autumn long, this tall pour beckons for crisp days at the orchard (or in the backyard). A hint of spice, tart cranberry and the balance of bitters make it the kind of drink you'll come back to again and again. Crowd-pleasing but never boring, and so easy to whip up. Enjoy it often, friends.
  • Bat Broth

    Bat Broth

    When the bat signal shines over your Halloween Night, serve this Bat Broth to keep the vampire bats at bay. Its' delicately balanced notes of cardamom, coffee and hibiscus, completed with a hint of Scorpion spice, will leave you asking for seconds. 
  • Fear Royale

    Fear Royale

    If you need a spooky start to your Halloween gatherings, this frightful pour will do nicely. Boo-tiful berries blend with rich vanilla and are balanced by earthy Exorcism Bitters, all topped with some magical Prosecco bubbles. Cheers, witches.
  • Bellini


    We know the classic recipe for a Bellini calls for peach schnapps, but the fake tasting flavor of that infamous liqueur is a little too high school party vibes for us. Ask Crescent Simples co-founder Megan about the time EVERYONE drank too much of it on New Year's Eve after swiping it from a parent's party and you'll be regaled with quite the tale...
  • Georgia Firing Squad

    Georgia Firing Squad

    If you want to beat the heat in a Georgia Summer, this is the recipe to try. Fresh peach flavor abounds with Crescent Simples Peach Hibiscus Simple Syrup at the forefront of this cool tequila cocktail. Add a splash of lime and a few dashes of bitters, and you have one of our all-time favorite Summertime drinks at your fingertips!
  • Smoke Show

    Smoke Show

    Smoky cocktails have become quite a trend, and we completely understand why. Especially in the Fall and Winter, that bonfire ambiance and rich, warm flavor is what we crave. This cocktail brings the smoke by way of Mezcal, our latest spirit of choice, and it levels up the complexity with orange notes and chocolate bitters. I promise you, this cocktail will be on repeat...
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